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Filmed at Charton Park 2015: “CoCo and the Butterfields”

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Bridal Fashion Shoot 2014

The gallery below shows a small selection of LQ Design's bridal shoot at Charlton Park in March 2014
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Filmed at Charlton Park 2013: "The House of Silence“

The House of Silence is an independent British film from Lawrence Parmenter.

Jane is the new live in nurse for wheelchair-bound composer Adrian Bartleby. Isolated in the countryside in a grand and empty home Jane is haunted by visions of past and future murder. Not knowing whether these ghosts are real or her imagination a fire begins to burn. As she searches through Adrian's past traumas her own become manifest. Maybe the ghosts aren't in the house but in her.

Shot on location in the house and grounds of the stunning and atmospheric Charlton Park estate in Kent this psycho-sexual thriller draws its inspiration from classic British horror and the works of Henry James in the hope of creating A TURN OF THE SCREW for a new generation.

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Click for The House of Silence Facebook Page - including trailer video

Bridal Fashion Shoot 2013

Charlton Park offers a broad range of filming and photographic opportunities both in the house and parkland.

The estate formed the perfect setting for a recent bridal photo shoot that used this idyllic venue. Kent photographer Tim Stubbings arranged to use the stunning Regency Ballroom and surrounding grounds to show off fairytale bridal gowns supplied by Teokath of London.
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The secluded location of Charlton Place is perfect for undisturbed filming free from the sounds of everyday modern life.

However it’s not isolated - with the A2 (the main Dover - Canterbury - London road) being just two minutes away.

The impressive driveway up to the main house and the gravel sweep in front are ideal for filming the arrival of a horse and carriage or vintage cars for period drama.

Vintage car rallies and car launches would also benefit from the beautiful setting and location.

Tim's gallery can be viewed HERE
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